Plastic Card Embossers

The numbers tell the story with Plastic Card ID. We have provided excellent customer service for more than 25 years.


On our staff, we have experienced specialists who have been involved with the plastic card industry for 25 years or more.

When you hand a client or a customer your card, you're creating a continual link to them. The Plastic Card Keytags helps to shape and reinforce their perception of your business. Shouldn't that card be made of the best materials available?

Just some of the many advantages of using plastic cards:

PERSONAL BRAND RECOGNITION Card stock has had a good run, but better alternatives are now available. A modern plastic card offers a business many advantages that a paper card can't hope to compete with. It's time for more businesses to consider taking advantage of plastic cards. FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT FOR EVERYTHING

A card is like a piece of your business that people carry with them. A great card strengthens their perception of your business every time they look at it. You want to be remembered for the quality, design, and style offered by your plastic card.